Our Compost

We produce compost to meet the needs of gardeners, urban farmers, and landscapers.

Spring/Summer 2021 Hours

April: Saturdays 9am-12pm

May: Saturdays 9am-2pm

June: Saturdays 9am-12pm

Or call for appointment  (716) 218.9639

Location: 2 Gittere St, Buffalo, NY 14211


  • Bring your own container : $3 per cu ft. (approx 6 gallons)
  • Buy a bag (approx 1 cu ft.) : $4
  • Bring a truck and we’ll fill it by the yard: $30/yd (approx 27 cu ft)


We have several delivery options available this year. Click Here for more details.

 About Our Compost

Compost is a natural way to help increase organic matter in your soil, improve water retention, soil structure and increase the microbial population.  In addition, compost will provide a steady source of fertility as opposed to the shot-in-the-arm high then crash that you get with synthetic fertilizers. If you’re just starting out the need for compost is even more critical since soil in the city is often very poor quality.

Our compost is made from organic materials collected from households and business throughout Buffalo and it’s surrounding suburbs. This organic material is mostly food waste and is mixed with horse bedding (manure, straw, hay) and woodchips. When these sources are mixed properly they decompose at a rapid rate and after a curing period it transforms into nutrient rich fertilizer for your farm or garden.

See our 2021 Compost Nutrient Analysis Test here.

Please note: We are a small, local composting operation. As of yet we have not had the resources to purchase a commercial compost screener, nor have we received any outside source of funding to purchase one. What this means for you is that our compost may have some rocks, sticks or other debris that would normally be screened out.