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Meet the Compost Crew

Terra FP Compost Short Sleeve Womens Front.jpg

Terra Dumas

Worker Owner

Terra, a founding member and long time slinger of compost, now works mostly behind the scenes signing you up, sending you emails, making sure operations run smoothly and keeps everyone on their toes.


Tucker Stevens

Worker Owner

Tucker has been a pirate since the beginning of time…Farmer Pirates time that is. As a founding member, Tucker is our much appreciated equipment mechanic and manager. He finds, fixes, or fabricates whatever is needed. All the trucks and equipment that collect and process your food scraps stay in working order thanks to Tucker.

Josh FP Compost Hoodie Front.jpg

Josh Poodry

 Worker Owner

Josh does it all! Whether turning compost piles, bringing you loads of compost, delivering totes, or working our residential or commercial pickups, he is a passionate composter through and through.

Bill bad ass.JPG

Bill Jackson

Worker Owner

Bill does a little of this and a little of that. Maybe you'll see him emptying your compost bucket or tote, or he'll be loading you up with our compost at the site or perhaps even delivering the compost right to your home! Anywhere you see him, be sure to say hello!


Jeana Franjoine

Worker Owner

Jeana joined the crew in 2023, bringing experience from her previous business, Good Neighbors Compost. You can find her doing pick ups, opening up new drop off bins, or helping with compost sales at the site.


Tim White


Tim joined the pirates in 2023, eager to become involved in local composting with appreciation for the worker co-op structure. You can find Tim hauling fresh produce around town on their pink cargo bike, problem solving with the team, or on the road picking up your food scraps. If you see Tim on your pick up day, give them a friendly wave or an equally friendly, arrrgh!

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