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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? Click on the program below to see answers to FAQ specific to that program

  • Residential Pickup Service

  • Commercial Pickup Service

  • Neighborhood Drop Off Program

Residential Pickup Service FAQs

What if I don’t live in your service area?

At this time we offer service in Buffalo (Free pilot program), and most of the surrounding suburbs! This includes Kenmore, Tonawanda, Amherst, Williamsville, Lancaster, Cheektowaga & Depew and East Aurora. Check back often as we are expanding our service areas all the time!

I live in an apartment building. Does that work?

YES! If you live in an apartment building we suggest you talk to the building manager so they know what the “pirate bucket” is all about. It's also a good idea to label your bucket with your apt. #.

What will my pickup day be?

Your pickup day is determined by where you live in relation to our existing routes. Of course, we aim to make our routes as efficient as possible, so you’ll be slotted in on whichever day we’re already nearest you. You will receive info about your pickup day upon signup!

Can I change my pickup day?

We hate to say it but NO.

Do I need to be home for pickups?

Nope. Just leave your bucket outside on the day of your pickup and we’ll take care of the rest.

How do I decide on bucket location?

When deciding on a bin location, choose a place that is safe and easily accessible for our drivers and where bucke is visible from the street. Front porch or side door works great. Please no back doors or behind fences, gates or doors.

What happens if my bin is stolen?

Once we drop off your bucket, it’s yours. Cherish it. We will charge a $10 fee to replace it.

I don’t need a pick up this week, how do I let you know?

We really appreciate you letting us know if you won’t needing a pickup on your scheduled day. You can log into your Customer Portal HERE and "skip" service for the date you do not need pickup.

What if I move? Can I bring the service with me?

Change is inevitable isn’t it? Well, if you are moving locally and into an area where we already have a route, then yes, of course. If we don’t have service in that area yet, we will put your membership on hold until we do. (Maybe you could even help spread the word in your new neighborhood, hint hint.)

What can I include in my bucket? Are there any no-no’s?

You can get all the details at Betterbin. There are the obvious no no's like plastic, glass and metal. Please no meat or bones. Some other not so clear items are corks, gum, kitty litter or dog poop, we can't take it. Rabbit and hamster waste/bedding are fine! If you’re unsure, just ask.

How can I cancel my pickup service?

Monthly members: Email us at to cancel your service. We will continue to pickup for the rest of your paid month and cancel your auto payments immediately.

Yearly members: Email us to cancel anytime, BUT we cannot give partial refunds for early cancellation.

What's up with the free compost?

Each Spring we offer a small amount of our finished compost back to our members as a token of our appreciation. This is usually a pickup of a few bags of compost from our site. We'll send out an email in March to let you know the details.

What if my bucket starts to smell?

There are a few things we recommend. First try adding a bit of shredded newspaper (b&w only please). You could also try sprinkling on a bit of baking soda to absorb the smell. Finally, if you are going to put something in there that you are quite certain will smell can put it in a bag in the freezer until closer to your pick-up day!

Can I add a 2nd bucket?

Sure! Just contact us at

I'm moving out of what?

Congrats and good luck on your journey! If you're a monthly member you can easily cancel your service when you leave. If you are a yearly member you should cancel but since we don't offer partial year refunds maybe you can gift the rest of your service year to a nearby family member or friend?

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