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May 18th thru September 7th, 2023

For 16 weeks West Seneca residents will get FREE access to Farmer Pirates Composting Drop Off Program!

Composting benefits everyone by:

  • Reducing landfill waste

  • Improving soil and plant health

  • Creating a cleaner community

  • Supporting a local economy

How it Works:

After you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with all the information needed to participate. Keeping track of the participants will be key information when assessing the success of this program. Let's get composting!

Why Compost?

Did you know that most of what you throw away is not in fact garbage, but a highly reusable resource? Composting keeps those organic materials in production, out of landfills and instead uses them to revitalize and fertilize soil to grow healthy plants, all while creating a cleaner, healthier community!

How do I participate?

Composting with the Farmer Pirates is easy!

  • Simply collect your food scraps in an easy to clean container with a tight fitting lid such as a tupperware, metal bowl, bucket, etc. To make clean out easier you could line this container with newspaper, a paper bag or even a BPI certified compostable bag.

  • Drop off what you have collected and we take care of the rest!

What can I compost?

Wondering what items we accept? You can find our basic list HERE.

  • So many things can be composted with Farmer Pirates like the obvious fruit and vegetable scraps, but also grains, bread, dairy, eggshells, coffee grounds and more. The big No-No's are meat, bones and large quantities oils. 

  • Although we can take small amounts of plant trimmings, yard waste drop off is already free for residents by taking it to 500 Mineral Springs - Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM

When & Where?

You will have 2 easy options for composting

  • Option #1: Each Thursday between May 18th - September 7th from 4-7pm bring your compostables to our table during the West Seneca Farmers Market

  • Option #2: Anytime 24/7 May 19th - September 6th drop off your compostables in one of the bins permanently located at the bottom of the access road off Main Street that leads to the West Seneca Town Hall & Police Dept (1250 Union Road). The bins will be located just before the white storage shed on the left.

  • Directions: When on Main St. coming from Union Rd, make a right onto the access road. If coming from Seneca St onto Main St., make a left onto the access road right before Union Rd. Google Maps Directions

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West Seneca Pilot Composting Program Flyer

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