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What can you compost with the Farmer Pirates?

In general if it was once living or made from something that was once alive, with the exception of MEAT, BONES, and OILS, you can compost it! We are now partnering with BETTERBIN to make it easy for our members to find out if something is compostable with us or not.

You can access Betterbin in two ways:

  1. Download the App via Google Play or the App Store!

  2. Access the Betterbin Webpage

Either way you will need a username, your email address and a one time password, to access the app and all of its contents!

Two extra features we think you'll love:

  • Get reminders about your pickup day

  • Track how much waste you've diverted from the landfill

View Betterbin on your Browser

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If you're not into apps you can use this chart to see at a quick glance the basics of what we do and don't accept.

REMEMBER: Non-food products should be BPI or CMA-W Certified. If not, please don't put it in your bucket or drop off bin.

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