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2024 Spring
Compost Sales Hours


Thank you to all our supporters!

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 Farmer Pirates Compost is proud to be donating a portion of all Spring 2024 compost sales FeedMore WNY.

If you wish to donate directly, click below!



aka "Black Gold"

Compost is a natural way to help increase organic matter in your soil, improve water retention, soil structure and increase the microbial population.  In addition, our compost will provide extended fertility not found in synthetic fertilizers. If you’re a long time gardener or just breaking ground on a new plot, compost can help to bring life to new or well used soils.

Our compost is made from organic materials collected from households and businesses throughout Buffalo and its suburbs. This organic material is mostly food waste mixed with horse bedding (manure, straw, hay) and woodchips. When mixed properly they decompose into nutrient rich fertilizer to feed your sustainable farm or garden.

How to Get Our Compost

If interested in pick up options, you can pre-order our 1 cu.ft. Bags or for those who wish to bring a truck or trailer, pre-order our Compost by the yard. BULK COMPOST FOR PICKUP  IS SOLD OUT!

If you need a larger amount, choose delivery of our Sling bags (1/3 yard each) or Bulk compost (1-8 yards) SLING BAGS & BULK DELIVERY IS SOLD OUT FOR THE SPRING!!

Our site address:

0 Gittere St. Buffalo, NY 14211

Wondering how much compost you need? Check out the calculator below to get some help figuring it out!

Pick Up at Our Compost Site

*NEW FOR 2024*

Spring 2024 Pick Up Hours:
Saturdays 9 am - 2 pm
April 6, 2024 through June 8th

Please pre-order your bags or bulk compost for pickup! This will ensure that when you arrive your bags or compost will be filled and ready to go.

Note: Pre-order by the Wednesday before your selected Saturday pick up

Location: 0 Gittere St. Buffalo 14211

  • Buy one of our bags : $6 each + tax (1 cu ft each)

  • Bring a truck or trailer and we’ll fill it by the yard: Screened: $50/yd +tax BULK IS SOLD OUT

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Sling Bag Delivery: SOLD OUT

Have your compost delivered neatly in
1/3 yard Sling bags (approx. 9 cu.ft.) 


Sling Bag Rates & Fees:

  • $60 per bag + tax

  • Includes $15 refundable bag deposit

  • Delivery Fee included

  • Additional delivery fees if >10 miles from our site

    • >10-15 miles: +$10

    • >15-20 miles: +$20

    • >20-25 miles: +$30

    • >25-30 miles: +$40

*Orders must be placed one week in advance of your preferred delivery date*

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Bulk Compost Delivery: SOLD OUT

Need lots of compost? We've got you covered. Have 1-8 yards of compost delivered to you!

​Bulk Compost Fee: $50 per yard + tax

Bulk Compost Delivery Fees:

  • 1-2 yards: $30

  • 3-6 yards : $50

  • Additional delivery fees for >10 miles

    • >10-15 miles: +$10

    • >15-20 miles: +$20

    • >20-25 miles: +$30

    • >25-30 miles: +$40

 *Orders must be placed by Sunday of your preferred delivery week*

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Looking for unscreened compost?

Reach out through email,, or call 716-218-9639, to inquire.

Please note, unscreened compost will include rocks and/or other debris.

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