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For one year, (September 2023 - Fall 2024) Hamburg residents will get FREE access to Farmer Pirates Composting Drop Off Program!

Composting benefits everyone by:

- Reducing landfill waste

- Improving soil and plant health

- Creating a cleaner community

- Supporting a local economy

How it Works:

After you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with all the information needed to participate. Keeping track of the participants will be key information when assessing the success of this program. Let's get composting!

Why Compost?

Did you know that most of what you throw away is not in fact garbage, but a highly reusable resource? Composting keeps those organic materials in production, out of landfills and instead uses them to revitalize and fertilize soil to grow healthy plants, all while creating a cleaner, healthier community!

How do I participate?

Composting with the Farmer Pirates is easy!

  • Simply collect your food scraps in an easy to clean container with a tight fitting lid such as a tupperware, metal bowl, bucket, etc. To make clean out easier you could line this container with newspaper, a paper bag or even a BPI certified compostable bag.

  • Drop off what you have collected and we take care of the rest!

What can I compost?

Wondering what items we accept? You can find our basic list HERE.

  • So many things can be composted with Farmer Pirates like the obvious fruit and vegetable scraps, but also grains, bread, dairy, eggshells, coffee grounds and more. The big No-No's are meat, bones and large quantities oils. 

When & Where?

Anytime beginning September 18th, 2023, drop off your compostables in one of the bins permanently located in the parking lot at the Hamburg Town Hall (6100 South Park Ave, Hamburg, NY 14075) Specific bin location and lock code will be sent after sign up.

Hamburg Pilot FAQs

What is composting anyway?

Composting is the natural process of recycling organic matter, such as leaves and food scraps, into a valuable fertilizer that can enrich soil and plants.

Why should I participate?

This pilot program will allow you to compost without any work or upkeep. You collect your food scraps at home and drop off whenever works for you. Farmer Pirates takes it from there! The EPA estimates 24% of all municipal solid waste is food. Participation in this pilot makes it simple to keep your food scraps out of the landfill and compost them instead.

How should I collect my scraps at home?

Simply choose a container to collect in and get going! While prepping meals, toss unused fruit and veggies parts in your collection container. Got leftovers that have gone bad? As long as they don't contain meat, toss them in. Fruits, veggies, or dairy gone bad, add them too!

What container should I use ?

You can use whatever container you have on hand with a lid, or even purchase a nice countertop collector. In order to make less trips to the drop off location, you can use a smaller container for daily collection and empty that into a larger container to be used to transport to the drop off.

How often should I drop off? 

Once per week works for most households. My family fills about a 5 gallon bucket each week. If your family produces less or more scraps you may want to come more or less often. We recommend dropping off at least once every 2 weeks.

Can I drop off yard waste?

No. Our bins do not have enough capacity for your yard waste.

As long as your collection container/s have a tight fitting lid, fruit flies should not become a problem. In the warmer months you may want to freeze your fruit or tomato scraps before putting them into your collection container.

What about fruit flies?

Will this pilot attract rodents?

Our bins at the drop off location are emptied weekly and kept clean. The latches/locks keep them securely shut. We have yet to receive any feedback or evidence from any of our drop off locations that our bins attract rodents. 

What if my bucket starts to smell?

There are a few things we recommend. First try adding a bit of shredded newspaper (b&w only please). You could also try sprinkling on a bit of baking soda to absorb the smell. Finally, if you are going to put something in there that you are quite certain will smell can put it in a bag in the freezer until closer to your pick-up day!

What can I include in my bucket? Are there any no-no’s?

You can get all the details at Betterbin. There are the obvious no no's like plastic, glass and metal. Please no meat or bones. Some other not so clear items are corks, gum, kitty litter or dog poop, we can't take it. Rabbit and hamster waste/bedding are fine! If you’re unsure, just ask.

How can I cancel?

Each month you will receive a Check In form, either via text or email. If you decide you no longer want to participate you can let us know on this check in form.

I'm moving out of what?

 Want to continue composting? We offer our composting services in many neighborhoods around the Buffalo area. If you are moving to Williamsville, Amherst, Tonawanda, Cheektowaga, Lancaster, Kenmore, East Aurora, Buffalo or Hamburg check out the rest of our website to see the services we offer!

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