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Residential Food Scraps Recycling Program

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Starting July 10th the City of Buffalo and Farmer Pirates Compost are teaming up to bring organics recycling to 2000 residents in Buffalo as part of it's new FREE "Scrap It! Curbside" Pilot Program. Enrollment will be open to ALL districts within the city.

See below for all the details on how the program works and eligibility.

Did you know that most of what you throw away is not in fact waste, but a highly reusable resource? Composting food scraps keeps those organic materials in production, out of landfills and uses them to revitalize and fertilize soil to grow healthy plants, all while creating a cleaner, greener, healthier community!

Composting benefits everyone by:

  • Reducing landfill waste

  • Reducing pollution and harmful greenhouse gas emissions

  • Creating a cleaner, healthier community

  • Improving soil and plant health

How it Works:

Signups will be reviewed on a Monthly basis. Once we confirm your eligibility we will contact you to schedule your brown tote delivery and services will begin shortly thereafter.

Curbisde Composting is easy!

  • Simply collect your food scraps in an easy to clean container with a tight fitting lid such as a tupperware, metal bowl, bucket, etc.

  • Empty your scraps into your brown tote. BE SURE TO SNAP THE LID CLOSED EACH TIME.

  • On trash pickup day simply wheel your brown tote to the curb alongside your garbage and recycling.

  • Farmer Pirates Compost will empty it and leave a new compostable liner.

Wondering what items we accept?

You can find our basic list HERE.

  • So many things can be composted with Farmer Pirates like fruit and vegetable scraps, but also grains, bread, dairy, eggshells, coffee grounds and more.

  • The big No-No's are meat, bones and large quantities of oils. 

  • We can only take what fits into your tote.  Large yard waste drop off is free for city residents by taking it to 383 Babcock Street Monday-Friday 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

ScrapIt-Curbside-List 75.jpg

Eligibility and Rules


To be eligible for this pilot program you must:

  • Be a resident of the City of Buffalo

  • Live in a Residential home with 3 or fewer units

  • Commercial Apartment buildings are not eligible at this time- Check out our Neighborhood Drop Off Locations or Buffalo's Scrap It! Drop Off Program for other composting options)

Participation Terms 

By enrolling in this program, I agree to the following conditions of this agreement. I understand that my collection tote will be dropped off by the City of Buffalo and my first collection will begin shortly thereafter.

Responsibility of the City of Buffalo/ Farmer Pirates Compost

  1. Provide the member with a 12 gallon brown tote with compostable liner for the collection of compost resources, as well as the information needed to safely and cleanly collect these resources.  Tote is the property of the City of Buffalo.

  2. On collection day Farmer Pirates Compost will empty the food scraps from the tote and leave a new liner.

  3. The pick-up shall be scheduled on a set route every week to coincide with trash/recycling schedule.     

Responsibility of the Resident Participating in the Program

  1. Resident shall put ONLY the appropriate compost materials into their collection tote as defined by the information provided by the City of Buffalo.

  2. Residents will put the tote out for collection weekly at the curb on the collection day.  If a resident does not need a pickup for any reason, resident will use their Customer Portal to "SKIP" service BEFORE the day of collection.

  3. If a food scrap collection tote is not emptied, resident should file a "Missed Pickup Report" in their Customer Portal.

  4. Failure to comply may cause the removal of the tote and ability to participate in the program.  

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