Residential Compost Pickup

The average American family produces around 500 pounds of compostable organic material every year that could have been COMPOSTED! Instead of throwing away a valuable resource, compost with the Farmer Pirates.

Why Compost?

Composting is a cyclical life generating process. Every scrap of food composted feeds countless bacteria and fungi which liberates energy and nutrients from the scrap to feed protozoa, nematodes, and insects. These organisms go on to feed higher level organisms. Each food scrap supports an ecosystem teeming with sow bugs, snails, millipedes, springtails, beetles, ants and earthworms. This ecosystem, along with the liberated energy and nutrients, are added back to the soil in the form of compost to feed plants, keeping them healthy and resilient as they grow more flavorful, nutrient dense food. Let’s Embrace Decay!


How it works:

For $135 the Farmer Pirates Compost Crew provides you with a full year of compost pick-up service. After you sign up we’ll deliver your official five-gallon compost bucket and compostable liner. Over 2 weeks you fill it with organic matter (for a detailed list click HERE) After 2 weeks pass, leave the bucket out in the spot you designate; The Compost Crew empties it and leaves a fresh, clean liner. You then rinse your bucket and repeat! It’s that simple.

Each year you also have the option to receive back some of the finished compost you helped create!

For every person that you get to sign up with you you’ll get $25 off of your sign up fee. Anyone you refer that signs up after you will get you $25 off your renewal fee. Refer enough people and your service is FREE!

Where it goes:

The Farmer Pirates operate a compost site on Buffalo’s East Side. We have a team of people who manage and maintain the compost piles by mixing your food waste with different carbon sources to create rich “finished” compost to be used on local urban farms and gardens.

What’s in it for you:

Cleaner air. Less waste. A smaller carbon footprint. A greener home. A stronger community. Incredibly healthy soil.

Frequently asked questions

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