Michigan Riley

Farm Description
Michigan Riley Farm, in Buffalo’s Masten Park neighborhood, was founded in 2011 on twelve formerly vacant lots purchased at the city foreclosure auction. The land is owned cooperatively by members of the Farmer Pirates Cooperative and leased long-term to the Michigan Riley farmers. Click here to see photos of the Michigan Riley Farm

Who Runs the Farm
The farm is run as a combination urban farm and community garden where farmers pledge more of their time and get to share in profits from sales and gardeners may come and go as they wish, but get to keep a share of produce on days that they work.

Farm Sales
Produce grown at the farm is available at farm stand that will open during the harvest season. Check back for hours later in the season.

Volunteer Opportunities
Check the farm’s website for membership or volunteer opportunities.

Michigan Riley Farm’s website is http://michiganrileyfarm.wordpress.com