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We’re glad you’re thinking about joining! The Farmer Pirates Cooperative is open to any individual or group in the Buffalo area that is dedicated to the idea that people should be free to produce their own food on the land they are on, even if that land is not in a rural area. Farmer Pirates Cooperative membership entails agreeing to abide by the bylaws and signing up.

Is joining Farmer Pirates for you?

Farmer Pirates members enjoy a multitude of benefits:

  • CompostFarmer Pirates are striving to create a city-wide method of taking food waste and creating the compost that is a vital component of rehabilitating our depleted urban soils. We operate a residential and commercial composting program to that end. Farmer Pirates collects compostable materials from homes and businesses to our site on Gittere Street where we manage the compost until it has decomposed into a valuable soil amendment for use by cooperative members and customers of the composting program.

    The composting program aims to:

    • Create enough compost for cooperative members’ needs
    • Divert potential soil nutrients out of the municipal waste stream
    • Create paying work for cooperative members that run the program
    • Generate enough revenue to sustain itself
    • Bulk OrderingCooperative members combine orders for seeds and other necessities to take advantage of volume discounts.
    • Shared KnowledgeWe readily share knowledge and experience within the group.
    • Equitable Land LeasesMembers are eligible to lease land or property that is owned by the cooperative, either as individuals, or by forming a farm group made up of cooperative members. These leases feature long terms, equity-building lease payments, and minimal restrictions on agricultural use. Click here to see a sample Farmer Pirates lease.
    • Opportunities for Meaningful WorkAs a start-up, there will be many opportunities for members to get directly involved and provide sweat equity. Right now, all work done for the Cooperative is done by members on a volunteer basis.
    • FestivalsThe cooperative hosts several community building festivals through out the year to celebrate good food and build camaraderie. Festivals are free and open to all.

Membership in Farmer Pirates is free. By signing up, you get a membership share that entitles you to vote for the cooperative’s board and on many issues concerning the cooperative’s operation and allows you to take advantage of the above described member benefits.

If you are interested in joining the Farmer Pirates Cooperative, read our Bylaws and fill out the form below and we will send you a membership application!

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