Compost Products

The Farmer Pirates produce compost to meet the needs of gardeners and urban farmers.

Healthy food requires healthy plants, which requires healthy soil. And healthy soil is not possible when synthetic fertilizers or toxic pesticides and herbicides are used. A teaspoon of healthy soil contains more micro-organisms than there are human beings on earth. This soil biology plays a critical role in the health of plants. Without the help of beneficial bacteria, fungi, nematodes, earthworms, etc, plants are far more vulnerable to disease, pests and drought, and require increasing amounts of fertilizer.
Composting Onions


Compost will help to improve water retention, soil structure and increase the microbial population, which will in turn help to protect your plants from disease and unwanted pests. In addition, compost will provide a steady source of fertility as opposed to the shot-in-the-arm high then crash that you get with synthetic fertilizers. If you’re just starting out the need for compost is even more critical since soil in the city is often very poor quality.