Commercial Compost Pickup

If you run a restaurant, cafe, deli, brewery, school, or hotel, it is likely that you produce a significant amount of compostable organic matter.  Instead of throwing it away, compost with the Farmer Pirates!

How it works:

Farmer Pirates Compost Crew provides you with sturdy 32 gallon totes on wheels. Over the week you fill them with (almost) any food waste you produce. FP Compost Crew picks them up on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and leaves you with fresh clean ones.

Where it goes:

The Farmer Pirates are a group of urban farmers committed to more sustainable city living. We currently compost at a site on Buffalo’s East Side. We have a team of people who manage and maintain the compost piles by mixing your food waste with different carbon sources to create rich “finished” compost to be used on local urban farms and gardens.

Our rates:
Contact us for current rates.

So what’s in it for you?

A smaller carbon footprint. Cleaner air. A greener business. Incredible new soil. A healthier future. Happy customers who know that you are doing your part for the environment and our community. Isn’t composting awesome?

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