Buffalo News: Reaping rewards of farming in Buffalo

A group of young people who recently bought up old vacant lots on Michigan Avenue and Peckham Streets has teamed up with other East Side urban farmers to form a farming cooperative. Their goal is to pool their skills and resources so that they can generate enough produce to feed themselves and sell at market stands to the public.

Buffalo Rising: Support Farmer Pirates Cooperative Compost Program

Young enterprising citizens are on a mission to not only grow healthy, organic food, but to work together in a solidified manner so as to capitalize on buying power and shared resources. At this point they are looking for buy-in from community members that believe in these sorts of projects. If you’re into the idea, then consider donating a few bucks. With every donation you will get a reward in return, ranging from a t-shirt to a garden to a pig roast.

Huffington Post: Rust Belt Cities and the New Urban Agrarianism

An emerging organization, the Farmer Pirates Cooperative, has acquired 35 parcels of vacant land for agricultural use to advance a vision of co-operative wealth generation, autonomous living and the reclamation of vacant houses and buildings.